Japanese Hotels

We provide you some tips to enjoy Japanese hotels.  Hope our articles let you happy to travel Japan!

Types of hotels in Japan:

Business hotels:

These hotels are commonly found in urban areas and offer compact and simple rooms with necessary amenities. They are relatively affordable for use.


These hotels are often found in tourist destinations and areas rich in nature, and offer luxurious guest rooms, hot springs, pools, golf courses, and other leisure facilities to give a resort-like feel.

Sauna hotels:

Hotels with saunas have recently become popular, and search sites dedicated to sauna hotels have also appeared.

Capsule hotels:

These hotels have compact individual rooms with basic facilities and are relatively affordable. They are generally for men only and are suitable for short-term stays.


These are traditional Japanese accommodations where rooms have tatami flooring, and communal baths and toilets are common. They often serve Japanese cuisine, and there are also many hot spring inns.


These are inexpensive accommodations popular with young people and backpackers. They offer private rooms or dormitories and often have communal kitchens and living spaces.

These hotels offer different prices, services, and amenities, each providing a unique lodging experience.
The typical check-in and check-out times in Japanese hotels are from 3:00 pm to 12:00 pm, respectively.

Leaving the hotel after check-in:

It is possible to go out after check-in if you speak to the front desk. Some hotels have curfews if there are no staff members available at certain times. Failure to follow the curfew may result in the entrance being locked.

Business hotels usually do not have curfews. However, it is still advisable to confirm with the hotel since some facilities may have different policies.

Is it possible to go out at night?

Hotels with curfews may make it difficult to go out at night due to the issue of locking the entrance. However, some hotels may have side entrances that can be used at night. It is recommended to confirm with the front desk before going out at night.

When going out, it is advisable to leave the key at the front desk. Since lost keys require compensation, it is recommended to leave the key at the front desk even for short outings. However, some hotels may allow guests to keep the key until check-out.

Things not to do:

Do not take away provided hair dryers, pots, TVs, etc.
Tipping is not necessary. It is a good idea to leave a thank-you note instead.
Always close the room door.
In shared spaces, avoid speaking loudly.


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